Safe Drive Stay Alive aims to positively influence young people's attitude to driving. Therefore, it is vital we evaluate the extent to which Safe Drive Stay Alive meets this aim. This is undertaken by a combination of evaluation questionnaires (pre and post attendance) and testimonials gathered via social media, the website feedback page, emails or letters. The evaluation and testimonials pages of this website show the results from evaluations and testimonials from the November 2013 and 2014 performances.

In spring 2015, Safe Drive Stay Alive - Surrey, in partnership with Safe Drive Stay Alive - Greater Manchester, commissioned Road Safety Analysis to undertake an independent evaluation of the November 2015 performances. The aim was to assess whether or not the attitudes of the young people attending are positively affected, when measured against a comparison group of young people who were not due to see a performance.

The young people forming the Intervention Group (who have now seen a performance) and the young people forming the Comparison Group (who did not see a 2015 performance) each received a questionnaire in October 2015 (before the November performances) and again in March 2016 (4 months after the performances). The analysed results from the first two questionnaires show positive and significant movements in young people's attitudes. Tanya Fosdick, from Road Safety Analysis, presented these finding to invited guests, after the Surrey VIP performance on 3 November 2016. A third questionnaire was issued in October 2016, aiming to measure longer term effects. The results of this third and final questionnaire will be available in February 2017 and will be publsihed on this website.